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Travel Content Writing

Travel writing isn't quite the same as writing about travelling. Yes, it does boil down to writing about a destination. But, it is solely not just writing about it.

It is more like bringing out the piquant details that lie cradled in the foreign streets; it's about the minuteness that one destination brings from within you. It is about expressing the hard-to-define feelings about the road you take. It is much more than travelogue. It is sales!

Don't take our words for it, try it out. Here's one situation to your understanding!

Read the two sentences below

1. Maldives is a great place to be in. It has clear skies, white sands and beautiful villas on the sea that you can stay in.

2. If you are experiencing the sunny side of life while on your holiday, be sure you are in the Maldives. With stretches of sparkling sand and the sea shading it azure, Maldives is where paradise is!

Which one intrigues you to go to Maldives? The one that does is a successful travel copy that also brings about business.

Travel writing is about etching a dream with information recollected in tranquility. It's those unreal, fantastic words that make us give in. Travel writing is an extension of the travel itself, a tat-e-tat with the traveler's thought. Travel writing is pitching about the place while keeping the passion of a traveler alive.

The Travel writing Technicalities

A specialized branch of writing that captures the nuances of travel destinations and recreates the experiences in words, Travel writing can be anything from documentary to evocative, from legendary to journalistic, and from the entertaining to the somber.

With the core intention being educating its reader with details of the destination and providing important advice and tips, travel writing must also achieve the goal of inspiring its readers to travel to the destination. And that is only possible when your writer is passionate about the subject to effectively construct the experience for the readers.

The Travel Writing Team

At RightCopywriter we have a team of travel enthusiasts who by far have always been successful in providing our clients with wholesome travel experience. On another note, they swear that in their leisure too this is what they like to do; a reason why we hired them as our Travel Writing professionals in the first place.

Have a look at what the RightCopywriter Travel Writing Team does:

  • Destination Profile / Reviews
  • Travelogue
  • Hotel Profile / Reviews
  • Travel Product Description and reviews
  • Any other travel related features
The Right Travel Writers

Right Copywriter follows a 360 degree approach during the development of travel content considering various factors that would affect a traveler. And that is exactly why, our writers will constantly be in touch with you to fine tune the tone and approach of the content that suits you or your clientele best.

The Tier4 process

In RightCopywriter Travel Writing Team, we follow the Tier4 process for complete evaluation.

  • T1. Understanding client requirements.
  • T2. Research and assembling of raw material for content.
  • T3. Development of the content followed by internal evaluation.
  • T4. Feedback and amendments