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What is a Press release?

A cost-effective marketing tool to build credibility through publicity, Press Release can simply mean content that demonstrates the newsworthiness of an event, a person, a new product, a product launch or service.

A Press release goes lengths

A good press release will help the news media and other publications know your business better. A good press release will bring you better profits. It is a quick gateway to the impending success for your business and thus, very crucial for you and your company/organization.

They are official statements from and on behalf of your company and as an extension of your reputation and image. Precisely why it can make or break the image of your business, initiative or company.

We ask you to entrust this responsibility upon us. Here at Rightcopywriter we ensure that your press release makes you look even better in the eyes of your customers and the news media.

Submission = Reach

A good copy is crucial for a successful press release. And so is its submission in relevant directories. A proper press release with channelized submissions will ensure you undivided attention of your potential clientele and profitable back links.

But submissions alone need skillful judgment as the process apart from involving scrutiny of relevant directories or sites, also involves choosing sites according to their page rank. The one with a better page ranking will obviously make the entire purpose of the release more fruitful.

At RightCopywriter, we know the nooks and corners of what's best for your press release; from copy to its best possible route.

Our team of Press Release writers, who specifically write Press Releases, is well versed with the nitty-gritties of official press release and is apt at putting the message across in a crisp and yet effective manner. They follow the PR tier to achieve progressive press releases that gives your company an edge over the others.

At a glance this is what our copywriters focus on while writing your press release

  • History of your organization/company
  • Information you wish to convey to the target audience
  • Objective of your press release
  • The main thrust of your press release
The RightCopywriter TPR Process

Our writers follow a specific pattern to give you a press release that's both chiseled and acts as the spokesperson of your company. Mentioned below is our TPR Process.

  • TPR1 - compiling the information
  • TPR2- at least two drafts of press releases are prepared and sent for approval. You can choose any of the two drafts or suggest your own changes.
  • TPR3- After considering your suggestions, a final draft is prepared and submitted to you.
  • TPR 4- Submission of the final press release.