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The RightCopywriter Approach to Brochure Writing

Brochures represent your business; they are the face of your enterprise to the world and are one of the most vital marketing collaterals that directly influence your clients. Hence crafting them effectively is vital.

Content is the soul of any brochure. At RightCopywriter, we take a holistic approach to develop copy for brochures. At the onset, we evaluate the following factors in detail:

  • Nature of business service
  • Objective of the brochure
  • Target audience of brochure
  • Design / Layout specifications of brochure

After initial discussions and after gathering the above-mentioned information, we nominate a writer or a team of writers to work on the client's brochure. These writers are selected in accordance with the skill and experience required for the job.

At all times, our project manager is in touch with the client's design team to update them on the progress and to request any specific information required by our writers.

Our writers draft at least two versions of the brochure content and run it through a focus group discussion. The focus group consists of other writers, the project manager and sometimes a member nominated by the client from his company/organization.

Inputs from the focus group discussion are incorporated and the third draft is prepared. It is sent to the client for his feedback and evaluation. Any specific changes required by the client are considered and the final version of the brochure is prepared.

RightCopywriter develops content for all kinds of brochures, including 2-fold, 4-panel brochures and fliers. We develop product brochures, travel brochures, marketing brochures, medical brochures and educational brochures.

RightCopywriter can also arrange for the design of the brochure and take care of end-to-end development.